Why expensive isn’t always the best…

Many of us don’t mind splashing out a bit of money when it comes to perfumes, however you really don’t need to be spending so much, especially when you aren’t getting the best quality out there.

At Rosa Salas Perfumes we use the perfect percentage of fragrance oil which is 20-25%.

Many brands do not use this high level of oil in their fragrances and instead have a high percentage of alcohol.

When a perfume has a high concentration of alcohol it means the fragrance quickly evaporates therefore the scent does not last as long as you would wish and you will find yourself reapplying throughout the day.

When you use a higher percentage of oils in your fragrance like we do, you will find the scent lasts a very long time as the oils work very well with the skin allowing for excellent longevity of the fragrance. The formula we use also means it is not drying or damaging to the skin and instead the oil moisturises and soaks onto the skin perfectly to provide you with a scent that will warm up beautifully on your skin and last all day!

When many high end fragrances can often cost hundreds of pounds, you can make amazing savings and be getting better quality by choosing Rosa Salas and purchase perfumes starting at only £10 each for 10ml. What’s even better is that when you run out, simply send the bottle back to us and we will refill it for only £7!

With our amazing value for many you would be able to purchase multiple perfumes from us for the price of one perfume if you chose a high end option! This is great as it means you have more freedom to be able to purchase multiple scents for different occasions for example, casual, evening, holiday, work etc.

We have such a variety of different scents available you will be sure to find one that suits you or will be perfect as a gift.

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