Why are Expensive Perfumes a Waste of Money? People prefer simpler and CHEAPER fragrances, scientists reveal!

Why Expensive Perfumes are a Waste of Money? People prefer simpler and CHEAPER fragrances, scientists reveal!

Are the cheap fragrances a good choice? What makes one type of smelly fragrances better than another? Is the price always a good determinant of quality? HOW MUCH DOES a perfume really cost? It is convenient to buy cheap fragrances? Do cheap fragrances last less? Reading this article you are going to get the answer to all these questions.

In this blog, we are going to explain why expensive perfumes are a waste of money and how to choose the right fragrance. There are no absolutes signs to recognizing an expensive perfume versus a cheap fragrance. Price is not always a determinant of quality, a well-known perfume, a brand always has a higher price than others. Brand perfume is determined solely by what people are willing to pay. Many people think that if they pay more for something then it will be better than something with a lower price tag. In general, they aren’t only paying for the quality of the perfume, but they are also paying for its name (marketing).

So, is it worth to pay so much money just for a known brand? Before deciding to buy a perfume, you should know that the price is not always the definition of quality. In general, expensive perfume may be a waste of time and money as the most attractive fragrances are cheap. A higher price doesn’t mean better quality. A quick search online reveals what you’d expect, which is that the cost is mostly due to a combination of three factors:

Ingredients, Marketing, Packaging.

It is clear for everyone that some ingredients used in fragrance can be expensive. All in all: the rarer the ingredient, the more expensive it will be. Particularly rare or sought-after ingredients, especially natural ones. However, the vast majority of fragrances on the market are not spending that kind of money on ingredients. The scientists reveal that people prefer simpler and CHEAPER fragrances. A scientific study carried out not long ago and based on the fact that quality is not expensive yet the big brands charge so much for their perfumes because of their such expensive advertising campaigns and expensive packaging whilst undercutting on the quantity of the actual perfume oil used on their perfume bottles purely relying on the brand name for sales.

Why choose Rosa Salas’s perfumes?

The British population spends around seven-hundred million pounds on perfumes per year, most of these perfumes costs are mainly in packaging and advertising. Rosa Salas keeps these costs down and passes the savings to its costumers. Rosa Salas produces perfumes with a simple, low cost yet striking presentation packaging, also purchasing the very best high-quality perfume oils produced by a European factory who has over 90 years of industry experience and over 20 factories around the globe. As well as providing you with your perfect perfume/Aftershave, we feel it is extremely important to emphasize that we are a professional and environmentally friendly company, providing online refilling for all our perfumes.

Rosa Salas Perfumes video

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We use 25% oil whilst big brands use between 19%-20%. If they can save 5% or 6% of oil on each bottle…imagine how many bottles they sell per year and the profit they make in savings. The finest and most expensive perfumes are made of absolute oils, which come from certain types of natural ingredients. The 5% or 6% of oil makes the fragrance perform better in terms of longevity, this means that Rosa Salas perfumes will last longer. Whether you want to make a big impression or stay understated and elegant, Rosa Salas Perfumes have got you covered even in the busiest days.

At Rosa Salas, we are an experienced online perfumer, with the ambition to provide all our customers with the perfect scent to lift spirits, evoke memories and awaken your senses. We are 100% confident we can deliver this ambition with completely satisfied customers.

The quality of our products are derived from both the careful selection of ingredients and the artful skill of blending. All of our products are created from natural and vegan-friendly sources of the highest quality and are available in four sizes (5, 10, 30 and 50 ml). We also like to reward our valued customers for their loyalty, points can be earned on purchases and redeemed against future purchases for discounts. As part of our sustainability and responsibility strategy, we encourage all customers to reuse their bottles, returning them to Rosa Salas for a refill will provide additional discounts.

The scent is at the heart of Rosa Salas Perfumes, as we understand the importance that perfume has in our life. To find out more about our perfumes please visit our website https://www.rosasalas.co.uk/ or follow us on Instagram @rosa_salas_perfumes, and Facebook Rosa Salas. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us, send an email info@rosasalas.co.uk, we will be happy to help you!

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