Five tips to make your perfume last all day 

There’s nothing worse that getting to your destination, be it at work, at a party (post lockdown of course) or a date and realising that you left the house smelling amazing – and now you, and your company can’t smell a thing!
Why is that and how can you make your scent last that much longer?
Our Founder, Vitor Salas shares his top tips;

The Best list of smell-alike Perfumes

You don’t want to use perfume on a dry skin – instead you want it plump and healthy. So before applying your favourite Rosa Salas scent, always moisturise your body. This will give the fragrance molecules something to hold on to and encourage your skin to release the fragrance slowly. This not only adds life to the scent but makes it last so much longer also.

Apply Properly 
If you spray your perfume into the air and then walk through the ‘perfume cloud’, then you’re doing it all wrong – always spray directly onto your skin, and contray to belief don’t rub your wrists together. This popular perfume applying method can actually weaken the perfume’s beautiful top notes and therefore cause the scent to fade far too quickly. We recommend applying the scent to both pulse points on your wrist and on your neck – and the top of your ears too!

Apply after your shower
Did you know when you take shower, your pores open right up? This is due to the heat and the steam, so if you apply your perfume right after you come out of the shower, your pores will soak up the scent in a better way and last longer. Our top advice; Shower, towel dry your skin and then apply perfume and allow your newly washed skin to ‘lock-in’ the fragrance.

Store it right
Did you know that perfume is heat and light sensitive, so storing it in a humid place or in direct sunlight (like on a window sill) can have a huge impact on the quality of fragrance and most  importantly, the ingredients within the perfume, which alters the smell. 
Ideally store your bottle in its original box and in a cool, dry place such as a bedroom cupboard or drawer. This will ensure that UV light does not get to the bottle and alter the character of a fragrance.

Choose the Right Scent for you.
Choosing the right fragrance that fits your personality and body is not as easy as it looks. It takes time patience, and a great sense of judgment. There are thousands of perfumesaftershaves and oils on the market, so whatever you choose make sure it makes you feel comfortable and above all makes you feel and smell like a million dollars!


As you can see there is definitely an art to wearing perfume. Anyone can spray themselves with fragrance, but to wear a perfume really well is certainly a skill.
To make perfume is a skill too! Which is why we always use the highest concentration of fragrance oils oil (between 20-25%) possible per Rosa Salas scent and hand-blend it personally on our very own UK premises.

Using these tips above and one of our Rosa Salas perfumes will certainly leave you smelling amazing all day long – and if you look at our 1000’s of testimonials, you’ll see that our loyal customers totally agree!

“Leather Absolute (inspired by Inspired by Ombre Leather) is beast mode….6 hours in and just as potent as the first spray. Again only used one (possibly 1.5 sprays). Definite 10/10 scent.”

“I ordered the Fantôme Sombre (Inspired perfume by Black Phantom) absolutely blown away by how fantastic it smells. The projection is a few feet, the dry down is hours and hours and the sillage is 3 metres behind as I walk. Fabulous fabulous perfume.”

“Have tried other online products and must say I’m totally happy with this purchase (013 – Salas Inspired by Baccarat Rouge 540). Could still smell this aftershave on my clothes following day.”


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