Why Rosa Salas perfumes?

The British population spends around seven-hundred million pounds on perfumes per year, most of these perfume costs are down to packaging and advertising costs with the average price around £50 – but ALOT more for those planning on purchasing a niche or high-end fragrance.  So how do we compare here at Rosa Salas Perfumes and how do we keep the costs down without compromising on quality.….? Let us explain.


High Quality and Environmentally-Friendly
Produced in the UK and from our very own Surrey head-quarters, Rosa Salas produces it’s perfumes using simple, yet striking presentation packaging and using the best high-quality perfume oils produced by a European factory with over 90 years of experience in the industry. As well as providing you with your perfect perfume we can also provide online refilling meaning that less packaging is produced and therefore less materials are used. This keeps costs down and sustainability up.


Long Lasting
Whilst most big brands use between 19%-20% of oil – here at Rosa Salas, we use 25% oilif these huge companies can save 5% or 6% of oil on each bottle, just imagine how much profit they can make from these savings!
The difference is that this 5 – 6% of oil makes such a difference when it comes to longevity, meaning that Rosa Salas perfumes not only last longer but will give that long lasting big impression, making all the difference to how you feel and smell even on the busiest days.


High Quality, Hand Made and Customer Service
Customer service and personal satisfaction is EVERYTHING to us, which is something you definitely don’t get with the big brands. Not only do we like to talk to our customers and get to know them, we like to listen to all their feedback and make sure they are happy with their purchase. To ensure this, we carefully select all of our ingredients from natural and vegan-friendly sources and blend them by hand taking care of every little last detail. We also have testers available for those who aren’t sure of what they are looking for and we’re always available for a friendly chat to help guide you towards your ultimate scent.We really do live and breathe perfume and how amazing it makes you feel – and therefore truly understand the importance that perfume has in our lives.

To find out more about our perfumes please visit our website https://www.rosasalas.co.uk/ or follow us on Instagram @rosa_salas_perfumes, and Facebook Rosa Salas – we also have a fantastic Facebook group where we talk everything Rosa Salas and beyond. 

If you have any questions please also feel free to contact us and send an email info@rosasalas.co.uk.
We’re always
happy to help!

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