We’ve been busy; here’s what’s new at Rosa Salas…

It’s been a long, long winter; a long winter thanks to COVID, thanks to the chill in the air and those long dark nights and shorter days. Thankfully we’re all emerging – and as we do, we’re thrilled to reveal what’s been going on behind the scenes here at Rosa Salas HQ.

Firstly and most excitingly is our New Private Oud Collection.
This consists of six, high quality, top of the range fragrances – our best yet!

First up, we have; Lucayan – our top seller; a Harrods shelf-worthy scent that takes its name from the original inhabitants of the Bahamas.
With its fresh summer smell, this popular oud is a citrus extravaganza of zesty lemon, bitter bergamot and juicy orange ingredients, with a combination of woody notes, fresh marine essences, and soft, powdery musk middle notes and creamy coumarin, vanilla, musk and amber base notes –  a powerful blend of feel-good fragrances that’ll add mood-boosting benefits to any occasion.

We then have Plateau, which is both romantic and energetic and made with amber and rose top notes, a bouquet of bright florals, herbaceous, and woody cistus middle notes, blended with creamy vanilla bean and earthy patchouli base notes. Plateau contains just the right mix of carefully-curated florals designed to soften up its dark, smoky core but still give it plenty of edge. If you like Tom Ford Black Orchid, you’ll love this already super popular oud.

Next up is Terra an earthy, woody scent which boasts crisp and musky notes that’ll leave your senses reeling. As first you’ll smell the incense, which is soon enlivened by the middle notes of cedar, caramel and amber. Finally, the base notes of sandalwood, musk and a strong echo of oud and vetyver, add a brisk, almost astringent finish. If you like Halfeti, then you’ll be sure to love this too.

Number 4 is Noble Wood, a dashing, smart fragrance that reinvents the classic, traditionally masculine take on rich woods by adding a complex blend of spices, Mediterranean essences, a hint of the Orient and a zesty citrus, and then we have Aphrodite, which is all in the name and named after the Greek goddess, Aphroddite who represented love, beauty, pleasure, passion and procreation.


Lastly we have Patcho, a stunning flowery oud. This unisex scent takes it top notes  from a lavish Middle Eastern tea menu, combining bright lemon with freshly-cut rose and earthy cardamom, a classic blend in itself, while the middle notes take a heart of Oud and soften it with fragrant-on-the-breeze jasmine, hints of sweet fruit, and an herbaceous addition of clary sage. At the base, more Oud deepens and spreads its aromatic reach thanks to essences of patchouli, sandalwood and musk. A dark sensual fragrance balanced with bracing citrus and hints of spice. It really is beautiful!

So there we have it – our finest collection to date, which can all be found on the website in 10ml and 50ml extracts.
We hope you love them as much as we do. We’ll be back with more news very soon….

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