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039 - So 1980's by Rosa Salas Private Collection

So 1980's Rosa Salas Private collection
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    Available in 10ml, 30ml and 50ml

    So 1980's

    Like the name suggests, So 1980s takes you back to an era when people were bold and unapologetic with fragrance. When perfume entered the room before you did, announcing your arrival with a statement all your own. But instead of the heady, overwhelming scents that characterised the decade, So 1980s gives you a refreshing take on passion with a dark, powdery fragrance full of mystique and intrigue.

    The top notes of lemon, incense, camomile and artemisia incite the nose, fresh and yet earthy, while the woodsy core of amber, cedar, apricot and iris give the middle section the gravity and strength you love in a statement perfume. The base notes are pure elegance, a powdery, sophisticated blend of musk, leather, vanilla and oud.

    Fresh and punchy scents like So 1980s are usually reserved for spring summer wear, but this is sure to be your next signature scent, so wear it like you would back in the 80s—when, where and how you please, bold and unapologetic.

    The very best scented oils are used in producing this high-quality product, crafted from a mix of organic and vegan friendly traditional ingredients.

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    Russell Kerr - Clacks

    Unique scent

    I tried this after I received a decant from a friend this is a must have if you want to smell different but great the juiciness of the apricot is sublime also the longevity is awesome well worth a blind buy

    David Curtis - Wirral

    Underrated Gem!

    This is a truly unique, fruity/powdery scent. At first spray I get the apricot straight away, giving it a very pungent but juicy vibe. Mixed with this I get the leather/oud accords. On paper that sounds like such a bizarre combination of notes. But it works. All in all, it’s a strong scent that I believe works perfect for day and night time. Also it translates well for both winter and summer. Please don’t sleep on this.