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Inspired by Herod
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Available in 10ml, 30ml, and 50ml

Amethyst is a dynamic yet mysterious fragrance that creates an extremely attractive aura around you. Both in quality and composition, this fragrance offers a step-up for those who want a little sweeter tobacco and niche flair in their blend.

It opens with a beautiful cinnamon and honey, sprinkled with pink pepper, the mid notes follow closely behind with an amazing gourmand tobacco, northern Brazil tonka beans and caramel, it ends with a stunning dry down of incense and Ambergris.

This is a truly outstanding combination of fine ingredients put together, creating a fragrance for the assertive man or woman that inspires mystery and intrigue as they enter a room.

 The very best scented oils are used in producing this high-quality product, crafted from a mix of organic and vegan friendly traditional ingredients.


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The pinnacle of perfumery

I have a large collection of fragrances so have multiple options for every weather and every occasion. I mostly go for inspired versions and if I like them I'll get a decant or sample of the original to compare.my favourite scents seem to be more fall/winter fragrances.. I've seen herod many times and despite having everything I love in it note wise I've never tried it before. Completely slept on it.. Anyway had a few samples sitting in my draw a while and was sorting out some swaps and came across Amethyst.. Couldn't remember what it was so give my hand a little spray and fell in love.. Give it a couple more wearing and had to get a full bottle.. 50ml extrait.. In my top draw which houses only 1 other fragrance.. Fantome sombre.. This stuff is beautiful.. My new number 1.despite fragrantica and YouTube saying its a fall winter fragrance I think its much more versatile than that. Definitely great for dates and nights out with its sweet nuances. I actually have a 5ml sample I'm taking to Greece in august for the evenings.. Don't get me wrong it will probably work nicer in cool weather but it is much more versatile than you can imagine. I'd consider making it signature scent worthy but I'm happy to wear this on special occasions as to be honest its absolutely beautiful.. There has never been a fragrance I've fell in love with more than this. Performance is brilliant.. Longevity amazing.. Project well without being headache inducing.. The only downside to this fragrance is that I don't think I will ever find another fragrance I fall in love with at first sniff.. My whole fragrance collection has now been knocked down a peg...

Steven Nicholson | Newcastle | May 2022

Absolutely phenomenal

I've bought quite a few fragrances from Rosa Salas and they are all pretty spectacular. Fantome somber so much I got a 50ml extrait bottle which I can't work through as 1 spray is nuclear.. I Didn't think fantome sombre could be beat. Over the Xmas period I ordered a big bunch of samples, tested a few and put them in my drawers well I keep my fragrance collection. Anyway I was going through some samples etc to sell and swap with other frag heads and came across Amythest and give my hand 1 little spray.. INSTANTLY fell in love.. How did I let this fly under the radar.. Its late spring and was trying to work out what it was an inspiration of and picking notes out etc.. Had to go on the Instagram page to find out.. Herod. Something that's got all the notes I love in and somehow never managed to get my nose on.. Well I finally have and its perfect.. I honestly think I would wear this on a night out all year round.. Sweet and beautiful.. Maybe in fall/winter it will shine even more.. All the blokes at work want some now too.. Performance is great.. I've got it on now at nightshift working on a big hot machine it's still pumping away.. I wouldn't say its too loud but longevity is amazing.. Won't choke you out or others but gets you noticed in the right way.. Definitely getting a bigger bottle ordered.. Even thinking of getting a little sample bottle to take to Greece in August for the evening.. Some people might think its mad wearing it on high heat (evening) but I think it will work..

Steven Nicholson | Newcastle | April 2022

A warm sweet fragrance

A little heavier than the other scents which I think matches autumn & winter. Lasts a long time.

Malc Hotson | Southampton | October 2021

Lasts and lasts

Fabulous rendition of Herod that probably surpasses it in terms of performance. It's a gorgeous scent, perfect for the colder months. Outstanding job!

Rich Taylor | Harrogate | September 2021

Delicious Tobacco!

Amethyst is a delectable and intoxicating Tobacco based fragrance. A plump, almost 'plumy' style sweet tobacco which dazzles with pepper spices. The perfect winter scent for me, though still versatile and beautifully blended enough to wear anytime, and occasion. Can't stop smelling it. . Thoroughly enjoy it!

Lizzie Jones | Surrey | February 2021

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