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Salas Leather

Stimulate your senses and enjoy a seductive and sultry blend with Salas Leather, a unique hybrid of the delightful Salas and Leather fragrances. The amazing Salas fragrance offers oriental floral and candyfloss scents, with notes of saffron, jasmine, amber wood, cedar and fir resin. With a warm and woody accord, Salas interplays amongst three unique scents to create an instinctive characteristic.

Enhancing this aroma is the addition of Leather, which is a sultry blend of smoke and exotic spices alongside a dash of citrus that scintillates the nose with an edgy and elegant fragrance. Testing the fine line between playful and provocative, Salas Leather helps to bring out that primal side that lies deep within us all through rich cardamon, earthy and spicy aromas.

When creating our scents, we only utilise the finest organic and vegan-friendly scented oils, guaranteeing the highest quality products.


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120-Salas Leather Hybrid

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120-Salas Leather Hybrid