About Us

Rosa Salas Perfumes

At Rosa Salas we strictly comply with the regulations of the International Perfume Association, so our customers can rest asure the perfumes they buy from us are made with the best raw materials and Fragrance oils available.

Rosa Salas ensures our customers that we pride ourselves by consistently putting quality before profit; this means that none of our products are diluted and it is ensured that the perfect percentage (between 20-25%) of fragrance oils is used in the production of our high-quality scents.

Our perfumes are created with organic and natural ingredients, therefore making them vegan friendly along with eco-friendly refillable bottles. By following a no animal-testing approach, this means also our products are ethically produced.

Unlike many other online selling stores, at Rosa Salas we are dedicated and reliable. We always make sure that the genuine product which our clients are paying for arrive on time and in good condition.

Our perfumes are created with a high concentration formula, which ensures that they are strong, durable and long lasting. Nevertheless, if you are not satisfied with the performance, you can always return them and get a full refund.

We are positive that once you have tried our product, you will be definitely coming back for more. In addition, for our return customers, we give the option of online refills.