Aphrodite by Rosa Salas

Aphrodite by Rosa Salas

Inspired by the ancient Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and passion, it’s safe to say Aphrodite is a pure passion in a bottle, combining powerful earth essences to make a fragrance that stimulates all the senses. 

The top note of Frankincense  is rich and smoky, just enough to get your attention and arouse your intrigue, before the middle notes of incense, myrrh, cedar and amber seduce you with their soft glow. The base notes of sandalwood, vetyver and labdanum create a deep, resinous energy that promotes a sense of calm and sensuality. 

Aphrodite can be worn by anyone because it knows no boundaries, bringing a soft core with hard edges, raw essences with refined, graceful notes. If you’re after a fragrance that feels as sexy to wear as it does to smell, Aphrodite is the passion you’re after. 

The very best scented oils are used in producing this high-quality product, crafted from a mix of organic and vegan friendly traditional ingredients.

TOP NOTES: Frankincense.

MIDDLE NOTES: Incense, Cedar, Myrrh & Amber.

BASE NOTES: Sandalwood, Vetyver & Labdanum.

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