Terra by Rosa Salas

Terra by Rosa Salas

Terra takes you on a journey through the four elements, a luxurious fragrance that balances a heart of Oud with a mixture of crisp and musky notes that leave your senses reeling. The initial hints of smoky incense melt into a delectable pool of sweet and woody notes where amber awaits with a fiery, passionate core.

The top notes of incense are immediately intriguing, ancient and mysterious and yet familiar. The incense is soon enlivened by middle notes of cedar, caramel and amber, adding—at first—an unexpected sweetness that gradually mellows out to reveal a harmonious combination of resins. Finally, the base notes of sandalwood, musk and a strong echo of Oud meet fresh vetyver, adding a brisk, almost astringent finish.

Terra sports dominant notes of smoky woods and unguent resins, but what makes this unique fragrance stand out is how personal it becomes once you wear it. 

A perfect balance of interesting and enigmatic, a stylish way to refine the moment using the four elements of nature.

TOP NOTES: Incense.

MIDDLE NOTES: Cedar, Amber & Caramel.

BASE NOTES: Vetyver, Sandalwood, Musk & Oud.

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