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The Best 10 Vanilla Scents

The Best 10 Vanilla Scents

Vanilla, with its comforting and alluring aroma, has become a timeless and beloved scent in the world of fragrances. Known for their warm and inviting characteristics, vanilla scents have the power to transport us to cozy memories and evoke a sense of tranquility. In this blog, we will explore the top 10 vanilla scents that capture the essence of this captivating note, ensuring a delightful sensory experience for fragrance enthusiasts. 

1. Vanilla Cloud

Vanilla Cloud is Rosa Salas Perfumes' own creation, possibly the best vanilla fragrance you will have in your collection!
This captivating yet sophisticated fragrance is a celebration of sweetness. Madagascan vanilla intertwined with Canadian maple syrup gives Vanilla Cloud an aura of delicious indulgence, while the undertones of patchouli, amber, and ambergris give this scent an intrinsic intensity. A gorgeous scent that lasts the whole day, this is probably the finest vanilla fragrance you will come across. 
Top Notes: Madagascan Vanilla 
Middle Notes: Canadian Maple Syrup 
Base Notes: Patchouli, Amber, Ambergris   

2. Vanille Absolu Montale 
Smooth and sweet, Vanille Absolu is everything you could ever desire in an upscale Vanilla: swirly folds of boozy Vanilla are set off and enhanced by sweet Cherry and Plum Notes. A refined Vanilla without being snooty with a little touch of Caramel. The must-have Vanilla of our collection.  

3. Tobacco Vanille 
In the sumptuous and comforting Tobacco Vanilla, one of Tom Ford’s Private Blends, a gourmand, marzipan-like fruit chewiness greets you at the gate — the combination of the scent’s multi-faceted cinnamon-vanilla-like tonka note combined with vanilla, cocoa, and dried fruit.
But as they hit you, they’re joined by mellow, even aged tobacco notes that add a dry elegance and club room gravitas to its subtle sweetness. Just as soon as you almost feel like you can sink your teeth into it, it sinks its teeth into you, and you’re a goner. Tobacco Vanilla is some heady stuff. Perfect for the gourmand perfume lover who wants a bit of an edge. 
Tobacco Vanille  Notes: Tobacco, tonka bean, vanilla, cocoa, dry fruit accord and sweet wood sap 

4. Dazing Vanilla 
Dazing Vanilla is a force of a vortex in person. A furious hurricane that takes over you is like an electrifying feeling of euphoria. A timelessness with a blurring of gender, with sex taking center stage - and blending it all together, a fragrance that announces itself in an unimaginable way. Saffron and coriander open the fragrance, infiltrating the olfactory senses with the gripping of myrrh and Frankincense. Vibrating with tobacco & buckwheat, leading to a heart of roasted Colombian coffee, Iilly, and marzipan that oozes with a hint of dry flowers.
Madagascan vanilla, Sapele & smoky leather at the base. A fragrance for women and men. 

5. Vanilla & Anise Cologne
Spritz generously onto your wrists, neck and pulse points – your body heat will help to diffuse the fragrance as the day goes on. Wear alone or layer with another Cologne or your favourite Bath & Body products. Brings warmth to the fragrance with hints of aniseed and clove like spiciness. This rare flower, which only blooms in the morning, enriches the fragrance with its creamy warmth and spicy sweetness.   

Royal Vanilla Mancera for women and men

6. Royal Vanilla 
Vanilla envelops us with a sensuality sublimed by Orange Blossom, Violet and Rose. To match the radiant heat of Toffee and Patchouli Leaves, the acidulous sweetness of the Rhubarb is essential in this delicate delicacy. A fragrance that does not lack temperament.

Head notes: Citrus Fruits, Rose Water, Pink Rhubarb Leaves.
Heart notes: Caramel, Rose Petals, Violet, Orange Blossom. 
Base notes: Amber, White Musk, Vanilla & Patchouli leaves.

7.  Kayali Vanilla  
Captivate the senses with Kayali Vanilla | 28, a masterpiece of refined and cultivated nuance. A time-honored union of creamy Jasmine and rich Madagascan Vanilla Orchid draws out the sweet softness of Brazilian Tonka.
Beautifully balanced oriental notes of Musk, Amber, Patchouli and Brown Sugar form the distinguished wood base of this utterly sublime scent.
Fragrance Family: Oriental Gourmand
Scent Type: Rich, Decadent, Deep
Key Notes: Vanilla Orchid, Tonka Absolute, Amber Woods, Musk, Brown Sugar


8. Vanilla Diorama 

The Vanilla Diorama fragrance pays homage to the Diorama Gourmand, one of Christian Dior's favorite desserts. Created especially for the couturier by the famous Parisian restaurant Maxim's, there are no pictures or detailed descriptions of this mysterious pastry. The Vanilla Diorama fragrance derives its name from this intriguing sweet creation.

Top Notes: Orange, Pink Pepper and Lemon
Middle Notes: Rum, Cacao and Cardamom
Base Notes: Bourbon Vanilla, Sandalwood and Patchouli. 


9. Vanilla Beach Hybrid 
This full, sweet and refreshing blend of Vanilla and Beach Walk offers wearers a tantalising range of scents. The base Vanilla fragrance offers identical scents to chopped vanilla pods, creating a distinctive spicy yet still delicate floral aroma that is bursting with the smell of vanilla.
This romantic and sensual fragrance captures the attention of everyone with its subtle tones. The addition of Beach Walk helps to ensure an elegant and magnetic aroma that is truly refreshing thanks to its woody and fruity scent that suits any season. This radiant and tantalising blend of bergamot, sweet pineapple and sparkling grapefruit enjoys a heady, balanced accord of jasmine combined with earthy-sweet patchouli and cedar. 

10. Coconut & Vanilla
Opening with a tropical blend of coconut and pear, Coconut & Vanilla gives way to ylang-ylang, Mediterranean flowers, and jasmine for a scrumptious, floral heart. While in the base, Madagascan vanilla and smooth white musk bursts a mesmerizing trail.
Top notes: Coconut, Pear
Heart notes: Lilly, Flowery Notes, Jasmine
Base notes: Woody Notes, Vanilla, White musk 

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