Top 5 Date Night Scents For Men

Top 5 Date Night Scents For Men

Your choice of smell may make a big effect on a date and leave a lasting memory. A carefully chosen scent not only improves your own style but also gives your spouse a unique olfactory experience. Planning a perfect date night involves meticulous attention to every detail, from the venue to the outfit. However, one element that often goes overlooked is the power of scent. 

The right fragrance can leave a lasting impression and enhance your overall appeal. The top five perfumes for a date night for guys are provided by Rosa Salas Perfumes, known for their wonderful fragrances. These smells, which range from fresh and alluring to sensual and enigmatic, are guaranteed to create the ideal atmosphere for a romantic evening. 


071- Alpha 

Alpha brings a truly unique combination to the table, a masculine fragrance combining floral notes with woody essences and a heart of musk. It’s dark, intriguing, and decidedly modern, and makes a great fragrance option for a guy who puts a good deal of effort into his appearance. If you’re looking for something that’s manly, but still elegant, Alpha is your go-to.

The top note of lavender adds an interesting floral, as it’s earthy and soothing but not as flowery as the others, while the middle notes of iris and pear bring about a light, fragrant playful element that’s dulled down by the addition of ambrette, with its gorgeous smoky notes. The base notes of vetyver and cedar tie the whole combination together, creating an interesting woodsy cocktail.

One thing you’ll notice about Alpha is how warm it is, how when you spray it on and wear it out the woodsy notes develop over time, adding their unique warmth to the longevity of the fragrance. Alpha stands out as one truly inspiring fragrance.

037- Raiz Noir 

Raiz Noir is a masculine woody-spicy and truly seductive noticeable fragrance that you would love to wear on a date or a casual meeting.

This fragrance starts with a burst of cardamom, saffron and nutmeg sheen that sits atop the subtle mandarin and neroli. The florals appear not too long afterwards (rose and jasmine); orange blossom ‘blooms' and adds a soft fruitiness, and a moderate presence of pine-like mastic bitter resin gum. Finishes with a  pleasant, woody-sandalwood-ambery-vanilla accord. 

Blended perfectly not to be overpowering, if you like getting compliments then this is one for you!


081- Hendon

Possibly the most addictive fragrance you could add to your collection! This fragrance surrounds the wearer in a true fragrance spectacle, a bubble of sufisticated accords that will for sure get you compliments. This fragrances has been truly blended to perfection with the type of ingredients not found commonly in our competition. Wearable all year around , we can quite confidently say this is one of our top 10!

Top notes: Orange, Apple,  Bergamot, Jasmine

Heart Notes: Violet, Geranium, Lavender

Base Notes: Birch wood, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Cardamom, Vanilla


029- Black Tie Inspired by Tuxedo

Black Tie is pure elegance in a bottle, everything about a black tie affairthe glamour, the excess, the magic of the occasion you love captured in a rich, mysterious fragrance. Perfect for both men and women, its dark and rich and unapologetically sexy, an absolute must-have to make you red-carpet ready no matter where youre headed.
The top notes comprise an intriguing blend of floral violets, zesty lime and coriander, while the middle notes hearken to the traditional blends of yore, combining rose with lily of the valley and an unexpected dash of spicy black pepper. Things darken when you get to the base notes, with the unmistakable essence of ambergris, sensual patchouli and creamy vanilla.
Black Tie encapsulates all the fine details of a special occasion, from the rich fabrics to the high sheen glosses to the sound of heels hitting pavement. A perfume this special should be the last thing you put on before leaving, whether it's for the most formal of occasions or to add some elegance to your everyday get-up.

Top notes: Violet, Zesty Lime and Coriander

Middle notes: Rose, Lily of the Valley Spicy Black Pepper

Base notes: Ambergris, Patchouli and Vanilla


304- After Party 

Get lost in the After Party, a sweet and ultra-complex blend of citrus and wood notes. Your senses are immediately greeted with an uplifting combination of lemon and peach with a bit of floral rose giving aromantic quality. Lingering notes of amber, muguet, and musk deliver depth and complexity to round out the body while dark wood tones complete the base. A light vanilla base adds a delicate touch of sweetness that perfectly ties this mysterious scent together.

Top notes: Lemon, Peach & Rose.

Middle notes: Amber, Muguet & Musk.

Base notes:  Woody notes, Musk & Vanilla

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