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Our Hybrid Collection aims to carefully select and fuse the best elements from Rosa Salas most sought after fragrances  to create new blends like none other.

The Possibilities are endless with these exclusive blends which make them unique to you.

Start by choosing the size of the fragrance that you would like, 10ml, 30ml & 50ml as normal blend or as Hybrid Extrait blend; which means the strength of the oils will be more concentrated making it longer lasting, larger bubble silage and more pungent on the opening. Finally choose the 1st fragrance from the drop down list, now choose the percentage / strength you would like the first fragrance to perform in the blend from 1% to 99%, be aware that certain fragrances are very dominant as they have heavier base notes, if not sure just send us a message.

Now choose the second fragrance you would like to make up the 100% from the first, for example if you choose 1st Fragrance as Numero Uno at 10% then the second fragrance automatically will be 90% of the blend and so on.

Please be aware that these fragrances can't be returned once purchased as they are unique blends to you and they cant be resold. We recommend you buying a 10ml bottle initially to make sure you are fully satisfied with the fragrance.


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Make Your Hybrid scent!

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Make Your Hybrid Fragrance

Not sure what combination to order? We recommend ordering 1x 10ml bottle of the Hybrid fragrance you are considering initially and test the scent to ensure this is to your satisfaction.